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You need a software for your private accounting clinic or practice?

We offer you the solution you need – regardless of the external conditions. Together with you we design an individual master plan to realize your plans. How it works? With communication!

We conduct intensive discussions with you, visit your practice, review processes and workflows, and conduct workshops and training sessions. The goal: In the end, you hold a solution in your hands that promises you the greatest possible success.

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What software does claysen offer?

The “Praxismanager” for clinics

You run a clinic with a few specialists and possibly even several locations. The entire process of the clinic is controlled by a central software: recording and processing of patient data, appointment management, treatment, evaluation, sales tasks, etc. Clinics that use the practice manager, are usually clearly sales-oriented and create capacity to their clinic for to set the future wide.

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The “Praxismanager ” for offices

The practice manager also supports smaller medical facilities such as doctor’s offices with a doctor and one or a few single-site consultants. Due to the adaptability of the practice manager, the software is also the right choice in this case, because the essence of the software is based on the assumption of automated, resource-saving processes. Since the costs for extensive workshops and training are lower in the practical version, the software can be offered correspondingly cheaper.

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Practice management with individual software

For large clinics with individual and special treatment areas, out-of-the-box software is not enough. How do you find a solution in this case? In order to be able to map the complicated processes, you go through a multi-stage process with us. I start with the status quo, consulting and formulation of specifications, development, quality management, training and implementation.


Which solution is right for me?

The “Praxismanager” is a software that can use facilities of different sizes – clinics with a large offer AND practices with a specialized portfolio. A clear distinction between when practice ends and clinic begins can not always be determined from the outset. We consider various factors in the assessment, for example, what functions the software must have, how many doctors work with it, and if there are multiple locations. What you do not find here is a pricing based solely on the number of users. Tell us what you need, we will deliver the right solution for you!

How much is the Praxismanager?

The price for the operation of the “Praxismanager” always comes about individually and consists of the purchase price of the software, a service package for workshops, training and implementation of the processes and monthly royalties.

Is there a release plan?

Yes. We make suggestions to extend the software to our backlog and periodically decide to roll out major or minor updates with the development department. We are open to suggestions and invite you, as our users, to submit more ideas.

How long will it take for the software to run?

The question can not be answered without further background knowledge. Although the “Praxismanager” is largely standardized, so that the framework during installation does not need to be changed. However, the processes in clinics and practices are always just as individual as the circumstances of acquiring new software. The software did not go into regular operation until the processes of the clinic or practice had been integrated, the users had been created and the training courses had been carried out. As a rough guide we can report from past projects that this lasts on average about three months.

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