Medical Sales

Awareness of sales plays a big role in private medical offices.

Sales are about selling services and products, as well as customer care – two terms that are not used in connection with patients and that do not do justice to the trusting relationship between patient and doctor. But: Not only in private medical facilities, of course, it is also about to comply with business constraints. For this purpose, a sales-oriented mindset for clinics and practices is necessary.

Patients come back because they were satisfied with the doctor. We only remind them.

Our offer for you includes an inventory of your sales activities and an individual elaboration of a possible scenario for a financially successful future. Essentially, it is about acquiring new patients, but we also set ourselves the goal of bonding existing patients. In this way, you can influence the inflow of new patients, so that you will find in your practice exactly the amount of work that you and your team want to and can accomplish.

Sales also means: save costs

By using an individual sales process you increase the proportion of successful consultations. Consequently, the rate of persons who have taken no further treatment after counseling decreases. Influence on your advice and the subsequent treatment does not have a sales process proposed by us.

Important steps in implementing a sales process

  • Analysis of the actual situation
  • Recording the objectives of the office or clinic in personal talks
  • Hospitality in the clinic
  • Legal analysis
  • Workshops
  • Model development
  • Regular success control, adjustments to the process

Your contact: Fabian Fröhning

I am your dedicated contact person in the field of Medical Sales. You are welcome to contact me without obligation to learn more about the distribution of your practice!

Telephone: 0049 251 590 64 590