Safety is our highest good.

Therefore, we attach great importance to the quality of our work.

And we are sure that this can only be achieved with the right partners. By working with them we can ensure that the utmost care is taken in the implementation of your projects. The focus is on the security of patient data. Everything else is subordinated to the fulfillment of this requirement.

Our work and that of our partners is largely standardized, including:

  • Secure project management via tools of the Atlassian product group
  • Using the PHP framework ibase 3.0
  • Certified Google Partner for the Google Adwords Program
  • Certifications for Affiliate Marketing (Zanox (Awin), Belboon)
  • Linux Professional Institute certified developer
  • Use of analysis tools like Searchmetrics, Sistrix Toolbox, Ryte, Econda
  • Etc.

Test and test scenarios for our software

The development of an individual software is characterized by an accompanying quality management process. In doing so, we make sure that all software modules developed by us have been checked by several colleagues, and not just at the end of the implementation.

The circle of software testers will be increased towards the end of the project, to the effect that you build the widest possible test panel, which simulates the realistic use of the software. This experimental study of the finished software takes place with numerous users and previously defined user roles. The participants have to perform certain tasks in the software and then document the experiences they have made with the software. The inclusion of suggestions for improvement is one of them.

The project team collects and sorts the feedback from the testers, prioritizes the to-dos and incorporates meaningful suggestions as changes to the software. Other points first go into the so-called backlog, and will be integrated into the software in a future implementation step (see release plans).


Release plans

Regularly larger and smaller updates of a software are published (major updates, minor updates, etc.). The planning is published at the beginning of each year and also contains a clear demarcation of all content changes, so that you as a user of the software can adjust to additional features and improvements.


Agile working method of our development department

The internal organization of our development is based on the so-called agile project management, in which central requirements determine our actions such as simplicity of the software, personal cooperation in the development of the software, self-organization and self-reflection of the teams, as short as possible, so-called implementation sprints and close cooperation with the Customer.

We also organize the latter via a service desk, which is set up according to an agreement between the customer and us and is to be fed around the clock with questions and suggestions.

Your contact: Kai Winkelmann

In the field of quality, I am your dedicated contact person. You are welcome to contact me without obligation to learn more about our cooperation with partners!

Telephone: 0049 251 590 64 590

E-Mail: k.winkelmann@claysen.com