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Our network is complex and operates internationally. The partners come directly from the clinic or practice area and have known the profession for many years.

Industry in transition

The advancing digitization in medicine on the one hand, and the most personal and trusting relationship with the patient on the other, set the bar for high-quality consultation and project work for our customers. The partners we recruit know the industry well. This is how we succeed in finding the right answer for every requirement.

Tasks that our network solves for you:

Web Design

We work with experienced agencies at home and abroad who specialize in web design and strive for optimum results on all end devices so that the brand experience works independently of location. The web applications that you get from our hand are tested in terms of design and functionality prior to their release on all current browsers. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in web design.



Taking into account the legal framework, it is possible for an external service center to carry out inbound and outbound telephony for you. There are already numerous practices that z. In the area of ​​appointment management, for example, they can resort to such external solutions in order to relieve their practice staff at the desk. Our partners in this field work together with highly qualified staff, so that patients feel in good hands. Errors in the processing of the contact recordings are as good as impossible because the data transfer to the practice is secured and takes place over several control instances.


Practical Advice

Many doctors are at some point in the situation to open their own practice. Some of them have previously worked as a registered contract doctor in a specialist practice, others are new entrants. Both the reboot into professional life and the switch to a self-pay practice involves some challenges: How should the practice be presented? What should the practice staff value in dealing with patients? How should the interior design of the practice be designed? Should the practice rooms offer full-service entertainment or be designed puristically?

But even if you have been the owner of a practice for many years, it is helpful to occasionally put your established procedures to the test. We work with you to find out how the processes in your clinic can be optimized for all involved. Please sign up!


Office Marketing

Private clinics and practices can and must operate significantly offensive advertising than contract doctors. But how do you approach this task? Should one advertise online or offline or both? What results can a practice expect?
It is important that first an image of the practice can develop and services, staff and premises are presented optimally. This way, you will be able to distinguish yourself from others and leave a trust-inspiring impression of your practice even before your first patient visit.
Subsequently, further marketing measures should be taken, starting with print media to be printed out to classic search engine marketing such as Keyword Advertising; Here a significant increase of relevant users can be achieved! Let’s talk about your marketing goals!



Especially in the private sector, the phenomenon is known that not infrequently patients from abroad for treatment. An Internet presence in several languages ​​is no longer a big challenge today and offers a good orientation for such patients.


Content Marketing

The presentation of one’s own practice is increasingly becoming a challenge as the competition keeps growing. In addition, it can be seen that many websites have been implemented using the same knitting pattern and the delineation of their own presentation is becoming increasingly difficult and time-consuming.
A promising solution to this circumstance may be a comprehensive content marketing strategy that produces and makes valuable content accessible to patients.

We will gladly prepare further suggestions for your practice development and presentation for you.

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