Who are we?

The company claysen GmbH emerges from the company interface medien, founded in 1999 in the Westphalian Münster, about 30 experts strong online agency focusing on all topics around the digital strategy consulting and implementation. Since the earliest days, the software division and here in particular the software-based practice management belongs to the profile of the company. In addition to programming, over the years we have gained valuable experience and deep insights in the medical sector and are familiar with typical hospital procedures.


Grown competencies in the medical field

We have acquired further expertise in the logistical and legal handling of the online marketing of health and beauty products. Our customers include the traditional brand Sanct Bernhard, Antistress AG with the well-known Swiss brand Burgerstein and many more. As a result, we now rely on a level of knowledge that enables us to provide holistic advice and support to clinics in the various everyday requirements. Beginning with the initial contact with patients, through treatment and follow-up, to patient bonding. To ensure this cycle, we cooperate with selected, professionally-managed partner companies.

If you need us, we are here for you!

There are many opportunities that you can ask us for. As in the establishment of a new clinic or practice. But we also like to put your processes to the test even during ongoing operations, submit suggestions for improvement on request and work out a sustainable future concept. Let us talk about your goals!

What can we do for you?