Our services at a glance.


We offer you software that facilitates and further develops your everyday medical practice in practice. Our solutions have been proven, safe and stable for years.


Trust in the doctor is paramount for patients. We make sure that you are also approachable outside the clinic and are in close contact with them.


Private clinics depend on a professional distribution of their services and products. Learn more about our expertise in this area!


The range of doctors is very large for patients today. Convince them of your practice and shake hands with them through a professional online presence!

We deliver!

Consulting for sales, organization and communication for clinics and medical offices.

We provide future-oriented clinics and offices with important impulses for a successful future. For this we have set up powerful tools that we individually combine for you:

Do you already have a software solution that organizes your treatments and automatically communicates with your patients? What do you do to ensure that the rate of recurring patients is as high as possible? Do you exploit all possibilities when presenting your clinic or office on the internet?

We are happy to discuss such and similar questions during a first meeting or later in individual workshops with you. A conversation is worthwhile for you in any case.

Doctors ask us: What does my clinic need to be SUCCESSFUL?

Costs and competitive pressure are increasing, but patients rightly demand consistently high quality treatment. How do you approach this challenge?

Expectations from patients to the doctor have increased dramatically in recent years. Transparency promoted by digitization helps clinics and practices to be in the limelight much more than in the past. The majority of physicians are used to it or have internalized that patient-oriented treatment is the key to success. We contribute significantly to this.

Why our customers like to work with us …


Conversation results from joint workshops will be implemented and further optimized.


Our benchmark: When it comes to problem solving, we place ourselves in the position of the doctor, staff and patients.

Industry knowledge.

We have a very large, vibrant and heterogeneous network.


Working on numerous projects from recent years will benefit your project.


We love challenges and work hard every day for your clinic / practice.


Every project we develop with you is based on a unique approach.

You need our advice …

If you pursue ambitious goals for your clinic, we are the right partner. Obstacles that stand in your way are put aside with determination. We will find the answers to the following typical questions from those in charge of practices and clinics and support you in their implementation:

We do not know how to organize the change from the paper to the digital patient file; We are dissatisfied with the performance of our website; We would like to have significantly more patients; We would like to increase the share of certain services; We would like to continue communicating with patients outside the practice.

We are looking forward to…

on the cooperation with you!

Let us talk about your goals without obligation. We are happy to take time for you in our offices in the south of Münster or follow the invitation to your clinic! You can reach us on 0049-251 590 64 590 or write us: info@claysen.com.

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